Prague based painter Academy of fine arts,Prague Painting studio of Vladimír Skrepl and Jan Šerých

Wall drawings at Dys Land + painting
curated by Mylasher
AM180 Gallery

The human in its vertical alignment,
wants to be the link between heaven and earth
with the time he stunts.

Numb, winter rigid, hollowed out.
Reurgitated. Eroded. Online. Fed.
Therapeutic, dead, buried,
accompanied with loneliness.

We are the young and we are the old.
We get grey hairs.
Sleep. Sloth tactics.

Yes, it is a lethargy, from now,
up to history, into oblivion.

There is the memory,
the dream,
that is timely and floating.
The ideas pass by like clouds.

A wave in art is like a wave in the ocean
is a moment.
Like a gesture, a touch, a life.
Here is ground, horizon and sky.

It bears, is soul, is noise, is chase.
To breathe. Wide.

Only the wind is music,
only the stars
and the memory is what warms,
what will be lived,
what locates.

Let’s be flat.
Let’s be timeless.
Let’s build worlds.

As a human you are small.
your inner landscape is infinite.

When is everything over?
For you, for me, for all, forever.

Analog Immersion Academy Of Deep Emotions Lollife

I have no signal to walk in it
The relationship of MTV sphinx when footwear parks the county region from eye recites
There are several new acrobats numbered in one Faust’s darkness
Why the father out of the darkness when the crusaders of the blood circle went
I will send the crisis to the birds, there is no disease
Luxury takes away fear from here

(Text was generated by gestures on a keyboad)

featuring Julius Reichel
and Namor Ynrobyv

feat. Julius Reichel